How Adopt-a-Treatise Works

Legal treatises form the core of the King County Law Library’s research collection.  Unfortunately, over the years, we’ve had to discontinue purchasing many valued titles because we just can’t manage the cost with our limited budget.

With our new Adopt-a-Treatise program, the law library is engaging with our supporters to rebuild and fortify our collection.  We’ve developed a “wish list” of materials that we are committed to maintaining in the collection, but need assistance doing so because of budget pressures.  As an Adopt-a-Treatise supporter, you will be directly furthering the law library’s mission of making high-quality, curated legal information free and accessible.

When you adopt a treatise you will be recognized with a physical bookplate in the treatise itself and a digital bookplate in our library catalog.  You can elect to adopt a treatise in your own name or in recognition of someone else. Adopting a treatise in someone’s honor is a wonderful gesture to commemorate service to the legal profession.

A sample bookplate is shown above.  Click on the image to see a larger view.

KCLL Treatise Wish List

To review the law library’s Wish List of treatises available for adoption, please click here.

Adopt-a-Treatise Request Form

To adopt a treatise, please complete and submit the form below.  You will receive an invoice from the Foundation via PayPal for the price associated with that treatise.

Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

Please select the title of the treatise you would like to adopt from the drop-down list above. For multiple selections, please submit a form for each treatise separately.
Please provide the name or names of those adopting this treatise. The name(s) will appear on both the bookplates exactly as provided above.
If this treatise is being adopted in someone's honor, please provide the name(s) here. Please include "in honor of" or "in memory of". The text here will appear on the bookplates exactly as provided above.
If you do not wish your name to appear in any public listing (including the bookplates), please check this box. The name "Anonymous Donor" will be used instead.
Please provide any additional questions or comments you may have about your adoption. The text here will not appear on the bookplates.

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